6 Week Better Boundaries Course

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This course will take you through six weekly modules designed to address the mindset issues and behaviors that have kept you locked in the same patterns decade after decade.

It's also designed to give you concrete skills so you'll know how to communicate your boundaries to others, and get rid of the guilt and shame you feel for asking for what you want.

Feminine Biz Boundaries VIP Day

Values • Mindset • Communication • Focus on Yourself • Show Up for Yourself

I will assist the VIP to alter her mindset in two ways: she’ll come to see her unconscious script that aren’t serving her and disrupt her pattern of beating herself up. The VIP will implement four ways to focus on herself: asking what she truly wants; minding her own business; understanding her role in things; and taking good care of herself. She’ll become empowered to communicate directly with others and show up for herself and in ways she wasn’t previously able to do by living in alignment with her values.

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I'm Barb Nangle, boundaries coach. I'm a recovered people-pleasing rescuer and fixer. I know what it take to build healthy boundaries.

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