Learn how to say "no" to things you don't want to do so you can stop resenting the people you love.


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6 Week Better Boundaries Course

This course will take you through six weekly modules designed to address the mindset issues and behaviors that have kept you locked in the same patterns decade after decade.

It's also designed to give you concrete skills so you'll know how to communicate your boundaries to others, and get rid of the guilt and shame you feel for asking for what you want.

Here's what's included in this on-demand e-course:

  • Video lessons walking you through each module with a slide show to depict the concepts visually for those who are visual learners like me
  • Downloadable copies of the slide decks from the videos so you can have your very own copies if you want them
  • Podcast episodes and articles I wrote to reinforce what you learned in the video lessons
  • Downloadable worksheets for you to apply the concepts you've learned in the videos to your specific life situations
  • When you finish the course, you get a free one-hour coaching session with me via Zoom!

Need help with boundaries?

I'm Barb Nangle, boundaries coach. I'm a recovered people-pleasing rescuer and fixer. I know what it take to build healthy boundaries.

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