6 Weeks to Better Boundaries with Barb

About the Course

$ 349 for lifetime access to the course.

Learn how to say “no” to things you don’t want to do so you can stop resenting the people you love.

This course will take you through six weekly modules designed to address the mindset issues and behaviors that have kept you locked in the same patterns decade after decade. It’s also designed to give you concrete skills so you’ll know how to communicate your boundaries to others, and get rid of the guilt and shame you feel for asking for what you want.

Week 1: Mindset and Masks. We’ll tackle the mindset issues you need to overcome and learn to let go of the “masks” you’ve been wearing to protect yourself and replace them with healthy boundaries.

Week 2: Fences and Gates. I’ll introduce the metaphor we’ll use throughout – thinking of your boundaries as if they were a fence around your property. That fence has one gate in it that opens from the inside only, and you’re in charge of it!

Week 3: Holding onto Your Property. I encourage you to think of your precious resources of love, money, time and energy as your “property.” I also encourage you to hold onto some of those precious resources for yourself, don’t give them all away to others.

Week 4: Boundaries of Self-Containment and Self-Protection. Self-containment boundaries are the kinds of things we need to “contain” or stop doing that make us unnecessarily vulnerable and/or create chaos around us. Self-protection boundaries are what we need to put in place to keep us out of harm’s way or to minimize our chances of being triggered.

Week 5: Principles and Values. This week we’ll address when and where to set the boundary. Getting clear on what your values are will help you in deciding when and where to set boundaries. We set them so that we can live in alignment with our values.

Module 6: The Words We Use, the Thoughts We Think, the People We Need. This includes tips and scripts for setting boundaries. You’ll also learn the importance of connecting with supportive others when setting boundaries.

When you finish the course, you’ll get a FREE one-hour coaching session with me! That’s worth more than the cost of the course itself!