Create boundaries in your biz so you make more money, avoid burnout and show up for yourself!

My clients show up for themselves AND their clients without neglecting anyone AND while increasing their income!

With Boundaries Coach and Entrepreneur, Barb Nangle

You'll learn my exclusive *BUILD* method for building boundaries into your business!






Feminine Biz Boundaries

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Introducing Feminine Biz Boundaries VIP Day!

Build Boundaries in Your Business in a Day!

What is it costing you to NOT have healthy boundaries in your business? Financially and in terms of your wellbeing.

This VIP Day is for women and femme-identifying entrepreneurs to help you determine what boundaries are working and not working (or non-existent!) in your business. Then we build a strategy to close the gaps. We create action plans for you to stay in alignment with your ideals and values. This will allow you to increase your income while still focusing on yourself, enabling you to give the BEST service possible to your clients and customers - without resentment!

Before her VIP Day Rae said "I knew this stuff subconsciously, but thought there's no way for me to fix that." After, she realized BOUNDARIES were the issue!

You show up for your clients
all the time.

You show up for your family, your friends
and your colleagues all the time!

 ​Now it's time to

show up for YOU and your business!!

All it takes to reclaim the energy, passion & focus you had when you created your business is some Feminine Biz Boundaries!


I've developed a framework that helps me help YOU...

The 🌟 Higher Powered 🌟 5-Part BUILD Framework

So you can show up for yourself and
make more money in your business!!



Beliefs are often so deep we don't even know that we believe things that are not true. Your mindset will be altered in two ways:

  1. Debunking your unconscious scripts that are getting in the way of setting healthy boundaries.
  2. Disrupt your old patterns of thinking  that aren't serving you.



You'll undo long-standing patterns of thinking and behavior that have not been serving you. We'll create plans of action to clarify what needs to change and how to change it.

I'll help you hold yourself accountable for following through on your plans of action.



Your core ideals and values matter. We'll clarify your top 3-5 values, then implement aligned action plans for each. This ensures that your life and business stay in alignment with your values, allowing you to set and maintain healthy boundaries.



If you suck at boundaries, chances are you're always focused on others. You'll learn to keep the focus on YOU (the only thing you can control!) in four ways:

  1. What do *I* want?
  2. Is this my business? (literally)
  3. What's my part here?
  4. How do I sustain self-care?




Delivering your message when setting boundaries so it has impact requires empowered communication. You'll become empowered to directly communicate with others based on recommended tips and scripts, no matter what their role in your life or business.


This framework will position you to show up for yourself in ways you weren't previously able. You'll have an altered mindset which will allow you to undo those life-long patterns that weren't serving you, you'll to focus on yourself, have empowered communication skills and be in alignment with your values and ideals. All this will lead you to a more lucrative business - you'll no longer be siphoning off your energy or income from your business!

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Hi! I'm Barb Nangle and I identify strongly as an entrepreneur. I do tons of networking and I've found that many, many women business owners and entrepreneurs SUCK at boundaries! That's why I created this Feminine Biz Boundaries VIP Day.


My goal with the VIP is not only to help YOU transform YOUR business, it's to change the face of small business entirely. When women women build boundaries, they become healthier selves and  their businesses become healthier. I envision a world where women's business's are outpacing men's because they're built on a foundation of healthy boundaries.

What can you expect from your personalized VIP day? I'll coach you to...

Understand where and why you're not in alignment with your values

Course-correct and get you back into alignment

Clean up your unconscious scripts that are keeping you out of alignment

Learn how to focus on YOU so you can be there for your clients, employees and loved ones without resentment

Develop empowered communication skills to set your boundaries with kindness and clarity

Finally learn how to show up for yourself and have your own back consistently in ways that make your business flourish

And I will be with you every step of the way!

We'll schedule a complimentary 30-day check-in after your VIP day. In this one-hour call, I'll help hold you accountable to yourself and we'll fill in any gaps that you're missing from your Feminine Biz Boundaries Actions Plans.

So what do you get with your VIP day?

For starters, a business and life that you love! You'll be astonished at how much better it feels in your business when you know you can rely on yourself to follow through for yourself and KNOW you're in alignment with what's important to you!

First Contact

It starts with a free and confidential 30-minute Feminine Biz Boundaries call with me. When signing up for the call, you'll complete a questionnaire that describes some of the scenarios you've encountered in your biz that pertain to boundaries, as well as some things about you and your biz so I can personalize your day.

Schedule the Date

After your first call, we'll schedule your VIP Day! We'll also schedule a one-hour Intention-Setting call to customize your VIP Day just for you!

All about You!

From the questions you submit before our call as well as our one-hour prep call, I'll learn all about you! And not just about your biz. You'll share some of your favorite things so I can shower you with gifts on your VIP day!

Values Exercise

This exercise is pivotal to the experience. I'll provide you with a list of 100+ values and a worksheet where you select and write briefly about your top 5 values and ideals - why they're important and what they mean to you.

Gift Bag & Workbook

You'll receive a personalized gift bag and workbook in the mail. But don't open them until your VIP day! I want to you feel Very Important on that day, and it starts with you receiving these gifts from me!

VIP Day!

This is what it's all about! During this day you'll experience the Higher Powered 4-Part Framework to build your Feminine Biz Boundary System customized for you and your business!

30-Day Accountability Call

30-Day Follow-Up

At the end of the VIP Day, we'll schedule your free 30-day one-hour Accountability Call. This is where I'll help hold you accountable to yourself, and plug any gaps in those Feminine Biz Boundaries of yours!



For an additional $149 you have the option to add Mon-Fri Telegram text and voice messaging support for 30 days following your VIP day. You can add this on anytime within 10 days of your VIP day for this price.

What amazing women entrepreneurs have said about it...

Kevnesha's preferred headshot

There was a moment where we were creating my commitments and I was like “this is a lot.”  You asked what I could put off, change to a different day and had me [look at my schedule] visually which really helped because I’m visual… I enjoyed identifying my values, it set a positive tone and the vibe of the session.

The personalization of the gifts, meant a lot, was touching and warm…The being seen part has helped – I’m not alone, this is a thing that people struggle with and God has gifted me with people who specialize in this thing and here you are.

Kevnesha Boyd, LPC
Quality Counseling

The VIP Day was not only impactful, but life altering in the most gracious and subtle manner. 

This VIP training was thoughtfully designed to have me re-identify & connect with my values, experience how this impacts my life and every part of it, along with a clear action plan with steps that make all the difference to my existence & relationships both consciously and intentionally.

I was able to see a huge shift in my relationships within days. Barb's follow-up was vital to the overall experience and I must say everyone in my life (both personal and professional) have been able to reap the results of me taking this hands on VIP training. If you have ever questioned your boundaries or lack of them for that matter, this training is for YOU!

After 90 days...

I can tell you what’s changed as a result of the VIP Day is :
1. Keeping the focus on me (minding my business) & continuously calling on resources to support me in this
2. Standing by what I desire and creating win/wins around this. I’ve done it with 3 personal relationships and 2 professional!

3. I said to a long-standing client, "I'm 100% sure the rate is the rate, but I'm happy to renegotiate the scope of work." I could NEVER have done that in the pact bc I was so attached to that client.

Rae Serrano
360° Business Solutions & Services

Rae Serrano headshot

I want your life and your business to feel easy - and for this to be the best investment you make in yourself AND your business!

I value your transformation and I value your time!

I wholeheartedly believe that boundaries are an imperative form of self-care and business success. With healthy boundaries in your business, you can spend your precious time in ways other than just serving your clients. Whether you love to travel, need more time with your family, or want to focus more on growth strategies, healthy boundaries are the key to getting there.

This is for you if you:

✨Value Your Time and Sanity✨

Period. End of sentence.

You may also be the woman or femme-identifying business owner who...

  • Desires a high-level experience for her clients while still maintaining work-life balance
  • Wants to be "hands off" and able to delegate to others what's outside her zone of genius
  • Has numerous projects that could grow her business but keeps putting them off to do client work
  • Understands and trusts the value of investing in herself as an investment in her business
  • Is done wasting time and leaving herself on the back burner

How do we start?

My process is designed to be simple.



Sign up for your free and confidential call to decide if you're a good fit for my VIP day.



Schedule your Feminine Biz Boundaries VIP Day!



Submit your signed coaching agreement and payment and complete your one-hour prep call.


this sounds amazing,

but I'm wondering...


It's a $2000 investment in yourself and the future of your business to build boundaries in your business in ONE DAY!



You'll spend a few minutes completing a set of questions when you sign up for the call. Then you'll spend 30 minutes on the initial call with me. Once your VIP date is booked, we'll set up another one-hour prep call so I can customize your VIP day just for you!

You'll spend another 30-60 minutes working on the values exercise. On your VIP day, you'll spend 6-7 hours with me (some of which will be breaks). You may need to spend some time after that completing your action plans, it depends on how much clarity you got on the VIP day. Then, 30 days later, you'll spend an hour with me on a follow-up call so I can help hold you accountable to the action plans we created.

If you choose the optional 30 days of Telegram Messenger texting and voice memo support, there would be additional time spent with that correspondence.



No problem! That's completely understandable. You can secure your spot with a deposit and pick a date that works best for you.



Yes, I have a two-month payment plan.



Good for you! You'll use it when you get the payment link, which you'll get once we decide we're a good fit for each other on our first 30-minute call. Coupon codes are only good if you pay in full, not for the two-month payment plan.



My VIP Day is a great fit for women and femme-identifying entrepreneurs with businesses of any size. Sign up for a call and we can see if my VIP Day is the perfect fit.